Cable laying and cable installation – your expert in Berlin

Precision, know how, expertise and competence are crucial when it comes to cable laying or cable installation. SIVGIN is your reliable partner in Berlin when it comes to electrical, control and communication cables. We solve complex tasks in difficult settings, above or underground, fulfilling your project-specific individual requirements.


Cables in utilities, telecommunications or control technology are important basics nowadays. We are offering services to corporates, operators and building owners, public or private contractors in Berlin leveraging our expertise, maximal functionality and security. Depending on the on-site circumstances, above or underground laying is appropriate – we will advise you upfront and choose the adequate method ensuring functionality and safety. Our experts lay cables with diverse coatings and sections, data and communications cables or control cables in different laying modes underground or above the ground. In an initial inspection of the construction site we gain an overview of the project specifics. SIVGIN offers professional and rapid project realization for clients in Berlin and its surroundings. Vast experience and competence are the cornerstones of all our services around cabling offered in Berlin and its surroundings.



Quality and fast execution are highest priority and ensure customer satisfaction. Besides our pre-project consultation we offer an ongoing flexible service throughout the project and a fair cost-performance ratio. We are able to solve complex cabling endeavors in Berlin and thus offer extraordinary laying techniques. SIVGIN operates in Berlin and all over Europe, indoor as well as outdoor, professional disposal and new installation are part of our service offering. Many years of experience bring us the routine to fulfill high quality standards, short-notice project starts and rapid execution. Due to our sector expertise in industry and a large partner network we are able to start your project at any time. With SIVGIN you choose a specialist in cable laying with many years of experience in solving complex projects in industrial settings. We deliver fast and will convince you with high-quality solutions.


Only high-quality and properly laid cables fulfill your requirements as contractor and those of your clients. It is hence crucial to choose quality and decide for a solution customized to your individual needs. We look forward to advice you in Berlin and all over Europe and offer you a convincing non-binding proposal in terms of cost-effectiveness and quality.

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