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SIVGIN Cable laying Bremen

SIVGIN cable laying in Bremen is your reliable partner for all project endeavors in cable installation and cable laying. We operate in industrial and commercial cable laying. Our service offering includes all services around cable laying in Bremen. We lay control, communications and power cables above and underground, in open and complex settings. We provide all types of installation, inside buildings as well as outside. Our teams are staffed with well-trained, experienced employees with several years of joint project expertise. We staff our teams according to on-site specific requirements to ensure fast project execution. SIVGIN staff in Bremen provides expertise in cable installation and cable laying and has SCC 017 / 018 certification. Safety is crucial to us; all employees receive regular trainings on security and our equipment matches all security requirements.


SIVIGN cable laying is a nationwide specialist in commercial and industrial cable installation and cable laying and provides dismantling of any kind for all cable types. We offer different modes of installation and lay power, pneumatic, MSR, communications, control, glass fiber, optic fibres and broadband cables. No matter if the cable work is to be done in an external setting or inside a building: SIVGIN cable laying Bremen will execute the project for you. We lay all kinds of cables in cable trenches, cable trees, ducts, in or under raised floors, on cable racks and conduits. All materials are included of course. Special vehicles will ensure an efficient roll-out of the project. Our equipment is modern, and we have large quantities to realize all of our running projects. All devices meet the highest safety and quality requirements and we provide the whole equipment to run the project.


As every project is different, we always pay attention to your individual requirements. We approach every project in a systematic way though: Your project endeavor is documented in the proposal. An initial interview is combined with an inspection if the construction site. In a next step measurement, calculation and acceptance of the construction supervisor take place. You are interested in our service offering in Bremen? Get in touch with us, our team is looking forward to giving you advise.

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