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Sivgin – Your expert for cable installing in Cologne

You are looking for an expert in cable laying in Cologne? We are what you’re looking for! Our well-trained team has several years of experience in diverse project settings. In order to fulfill the on-site circumstances the best way possible, the staffing of our teams is flexible. We thus make fast project execution possible. Our employees in Cologne have competencies in cable installation and laying and are certified according to SCC 017 / 018. As safety is a priority to us, our staff is trained on a regular basis. On-site safety is crucial for our staff in their daily work routine, so our cabling equipment used in Cologne matches all safety standards.


For all matters in cable installation and cable laying in Cologne: SIVGIN is your reliable partner. As trans-regional expert SIVGIN is operating in cable installation and cable laying. Our service offering includes all operations around cable laying and installation. SIVGIN is competence leader and operates in open, underground, over ground and complex settings. We lay cables such as medium voltage cables, control cables, sheathed cables, communications cables, fire alarm cables in different installation types as route, trench, pipe or wire. For our experts in Cologne it is not relevant if the cabling takes place outdoors or inside the building. As trans-regionally specialist we operate in cable removal of different types and sections. Laying of power cables, pneumatic tube cables, control cables, remote cables, MSR cables, broadband cables, fibre optic cables and optical fibres included. We offer you different types of installation inside and outside of buildings on cable trenches, ducts, cable trees, in or under raised floors or in cable conduits. Mounting material is included. To ensure in-time project realization we operate with company-owned special vehicles as cable trailers and cable winches of the most modern type which we own in large quantities. Highest safety and quality standards are highest priority for SIVGIN. We provide our complete equipment for every project including all devices necessary.


Every project is unique, and this is taken into account in our daily work. We match individual requests of our clients in Cologne. We have established a systematic approach though when it comes to recording your project plan and inspecting the construction site in an initial interview. Our experienced team relies on a draft or construction plan for this. In a next step measurement, calculation and acceptance of the construction supervisor take place. You are interested in our service offering or you have specific questions? Get in touch via phone or mail or use our contact form. We will respond to your request as fast as possible.

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