SIVGIN cable laying


power plants

chemical plants

planting / clamping systems

tunnel projects

aviation / airports

logistics halls / production halls

data centers

automotive industry

sewage plants

military industry

skyline buildings / office buildings

hotel facilities / hotel complexes



schools / sports halls

shopping centers


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SIVGIN cable laying is an europe-wide specialist in industrial and commercial cable laying and cable installation as well as dismantling of any kind (low, medium and high voltage).

We are laying all types of cables (all sections and types)

  • Laying of power cables (low, middle and high voltage)
  • Laying of remote cables, MSR and control cables
  • Laying of pneumatic and tube cables
  • Laying of fibre optic cables
  • Laying of glass fibres
  • Laying of broadband cables

We offer different types of installation, inside buildings or in exterior settings.

  • On cable harnesses
  • In cable trenches
  • In cable ducts
  • On cable racks
  • Under raised floors
  • In cable conduits
  • With appropriate fixing material

Company-owned specific vehicles as cable winches or cable transportation trailers guarantee an efficient project execution. Our specialized tools are the latest versions and due to sufficient quantities, they are available for every project. Our tools meet highest quality and safety requirements. We offer the complete equipment: Tractor units, thrust equipment, cable winches with diagrams and all necessary auxiliary materials.


Every project has its particularities – we therefore pay attention to your individual requirements. Our systematic project approach consists of the following steps: When writing an offering all relevant details are documented and the construction site is visited during an initial meeting. According to the blueprint or a technical drawing our team implements the project before measurement, invoicing and approval from the site manager take place.


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