medium-voltage cables

Do you want medium-voltage cables for construction work? Commission experts with the installation now

In order to supply a district, several towns or an entire region with electricity, it is necessary to lay a medium-voltage cable. We offer you the possibility of professional cable laying, both domestically and abroad with medium-voltage cables of 10 kV as well as with medium-voltage cables of 20 kV. You have various options for the laying of the cables. For safety reasons, it is important to have this activity carried out by an expert. We are leaders in this area and are operational active throughout Europe. In the following, we present our service portfolio for laying medium-voltage cables. Discover your options now, trust us and rely on the professional services of a competent specialist


Medium-voltage cables with 10 kV or a medium-voltage cable with 20 kV are often part of conceptual construction work in urban development. We lay medium-voltage cables with 10 kV or 20 kV in outdoor areas for you, but also inside a building if required. Difficult-to-reach terrain is also no problem for our laying work. Our professional team is trained to deal with the challenges of difficult terrain and always finds a suitable solution. Whether for substations, chemical or power plants – we are also familiar with the many different techniques involved in laying medium-voltage cables.

Regardless of whether medium-voltage cables with 20 kV or 10 kV are to be laid in a trench or in a pipe: we always carry out this work professionally. In addition, medium-voltage cables can be laid on a route/riser route or on a platform, above ground or underground. Of course, we also take possible adjacent cables into account during our cable laying work and ensure that the cables are appropriately insulated from one another for a high degree of safety. As experts for cable laying work in Germany and abroad, we always consider each project in its entire complexity.


As professionals, we are extremely familiar with the different specifications of medium-voltage cables. We would be happy to advise you in detail as to whether medium-voltage cables with 10 kV are suitable for your project. We explain the differentiation to a medium-voltage cable with 20 kV. In this way you can be sure that the correct design of the medium-voltage cable will be laid. Furthermore, our company has extensive special equipment’s, which are required for laying the cables in airports, tunnel projects, any kind of industrial plants as well as facilities. With our equipment, we ensure that your cable is placed exactly where it belongs. In this way we close possible security holes. In addition, our cable laying service is characterized by a very high level of efficiency. Our experienced specialists know exactly which steps are important when laying. In this way, we can quickly complete your project – whether in Germany or abroad – so that you can quickly continue with your further remaining construction work. By preventing possible delays in the construction project, additional project costs can be avoided. In the field of cable laying for industrial plants and factories, we are exceptionally experienced and always find a solution that works in practice, even under tough conditions. Our installation work has been tried and tested and we always carry it out in a well thought manner. Do not compromise when it comes to medium-voltage cables for airports, sewage treatment plants, industrial or chemical plants, etc. and let a professional do the laying with Sivgin.


Not every project goes along and conforms to a different level of high current load. Take the safe route when choosing medium-voltage cables and make use of our professional expertise today!

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